Where does YOUR tune rank?

2007-12-07 07:36:19 by WizardSleeve

As many of you know Nexus Radio has been hosting a SONG OF THE YEAR competition, and the nomination stage has now finished. If you would like to see if you got any nominations and how many you got please follow this link: http://www.nexusradio.co.uk/forum/view topic.php?id=512&p=5 and read the 2nd to last post on that page.

I'd like to thank everyone who has participated this far, and I am hoping for even more participation NEXT YEAR, however the competition is not over yet, and the prizes are still to be WON.

The way the nominations worked is if a song was nominated only once it was in the "bottom segment" twice it was the "middle segment" and 3 or more times it was available for "Song of the Year" - we are still waiting for more votes...

In the top section you can only vote for ONE track, however in the middle and bottom sections you can vote for whichever tracks as you like in a multiselect poll.. but you can only vote once.

Top: http://www.nexusradio.co.uk/forum/view poll.php?id=939
Middle: http://www.nexusradio.co.uk/forum/view poll.php?id=938
Bottom: http://www.nexusradio.co.uk/forum/view poll.php?id=937

Due to one contestent cheating we have had to turn email verification back on so if you haven't signed up already you will have to.. and if you use hotmail or something like that you will have to check your JUNK email folder regualrly for the email. If you dont get it you will have to send me a message and I will activate your account manually!

Ignore all votes for any Pyramis Track.. they are the once who have been disqualified for creating 25 accounts and voting for themselves lots. Aparantly it wasn't them it was one of their brothers thinking they were helping, which is understandable that it happenes however it has to be understood that this competition is a bit of fun on the internet and your getting prizes, no matter how small, for just playing some great music.. and with all the time i spent tallying up results and making the polls it has to be understood that there is to be no leanancy to any sort of cheating in any way shape or form!


Song of the Year: all tracks will be ranked - Prize of a custom made T-Shirt goes to number 1!
Song with most nominations: top 3 - Buttons/Bumper Stickers
Artist with most songs Nominated: Top 3 - Buttons/Bumper Stickers - Number 1 gets Nexus Radio Mug
Artist with most nominations: top 3 - Buttons/Bumper Stickers - Number 1 gets Nexus Radio Mug
Artists with most votes in middle and bottom sections: top 3 - Buttons and Bumper Stickers



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