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Damn Amazing

What can i say that was brilliant.. you obviously spent a long time on this, theres so much i could say about how great it is but its had over 500 reviews so i am sure they have convered it already

Got any mountain Dew?

I love this movie, Hilarious, and well put together. It makes me laugh every time i watch it!

You gotta love the trippy bit

This is by no means the greatest thing i have ever seen But it is great just for that trippy bit. Good excuse to listen to a good tune and see some funny shit and random pics. Some of those people looked to be gurning hehe.

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Its so easy to forget this stuff, when your just not 100% sure on something there is this flash to help you out.

Ya gotta give some cred to -idle- too cos it were he who showed me this, and I will definatly pass on the good word should i get the chance.

Pilot-Doofy responds:

Thanks! Voting highly on it doesn't hurt my BA by the way. ;-)

Thanks again to both of you guys! You've both got a good word in my book!

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Dig this one

this is a damn cool lil track.. very trent reznorish :)

not dnb

this is not dnb... dnb is usually between the tempos of 165bpm and 180 bpm... this is more of a hip hop style beat.. quite a cool one but unproduced and too short to recieve a bigger score.

keep it up though

hmm... dunno this basshunter track.. but

haha some happy hardcore, cool!

It's not very origional though, trying to think what happy hardcore track it replicates... something by breeze n styles, with a bit of 69 thrown in.

Your synths are terrible quality.. you need to work on that for one, your sound quality is rather poor, it does sound like your using FL.. there are plenty of FREE VST's you can get that sound much better than fl if you can't afford to buy some good ones.

this is a good track but far too similar to alot of happy hardcore tracks out there

I hate when people just use loops, instead of putting the effort in to make something original. I make my own stuff, check it out. I used to use FL but now use CUBASE

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